Friday, 7 October 2011

Dog theft at the beach

Last week as I walked down to the beach, two men and a pack of lurchers were heading back to the car park. Two of the dogs chased Bridie, and she disappeared. I shouted, staying where i was, as she has once before been chased, and returned straight to be after diving into the dunes to escape the pursuing lurcher (again). This time she didn't come back, and after a moment of indecision, I decided to walk back to the car park, and saw the blokes leap into their van and shoot off. I wanted to be able to ask them whe my dog had headed to, to tried to ge the numberplate. No sign on my dog at my car, so I headed back to the beach to search for her. However, the van stopped a few hundred yards up the lane, and they tipped all the dogs out, a puzzle. Then, my dog came racing up to me, from behind, ie where the van was. Did they really put her in? Feels like that's what happened. Then why release her...because she is spayed? Whatever, a scary distressing experience.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

on the beach

I've just been to the beach with Bridie, its a wild wild evening, with roads and bridges closed to high siders and motorbikes (how will my brother get back to Fife from Edinburgh?  He rides a bike..).  On the beach over the past few days of lovely weather there have been colonies of terns, oystercatchers galore, a few twite and lots of sanderlings, that I think breed there.     Tonight..nothing.  No birds apart from a handful of the huge scary gulls.  So, I wonder where they go?  And why?  Is it the weather, do they have a hang out for different wind directions???

Next post about the drama of last week and Bridie..theft on the beach!